Booking conditions – events

Terms and conditions for registering for events at Luomus public attractions

Confirmation of registration

Immediately after successfully registering for an event, the customer will receive a confirmation message to the address provided. Registrations made through the online form will be valid immediately.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check the event information in the confirmation message. The customer can register him- or herself and four other participants in a single event at the same time.

Size of events

The maximum number of participants varies according to event. The maximum number is always indicated in the event description. The number of places available is displayed at the top of the registration form.

Arriving for the event

We recommend that you arrive at the event site at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the event.


An event can be subject to a fee, free of charge or included in the price of a ticket. If an event is subject to a fee or requires the purchase of a ticket, the payment must be made at the ticket desk before the event begins. Accepted forms of payment include cash, debit card, Visa Electron, Visa and MasterCard. Individual entrance fees can also be paid with the Museum Card, €5 Smartum Exercise and Culture Vouchers, the SmartumVisa card or the SmartumPay mobile app.


Cancellation by the customer:
If a customer wishes to cancel his or her registration, this can be done using the link in the confirmation message. When using the link, the participation of all those registered at the same time will be cancelled. If you have registered, for example, four people for an event and two of them wish to cancel, you must click on the link to cancel the registration as a whole and then re-register the other two people.

Cancellation by Luomus:
If Luomus is forced to cancel an event, the customer will be informed via email. Any additional costs, such as travel costs incurred by the customer, cannot be reimbursed.

Closure of a public attraction

Luomus will do its best to communicate any unexpected changes in the opening hours of the Luomus attractions to all those registered. If information on the closure of an attraction has not reached the customer within a reasonable time, the customer will be granted free admission at another time.

Force majeure

In the case of a force majeure that compels Luomus to close a public attraction or reschedule or cancel an event, Luomus reserves the right to not provide a free-of-charge visit. Luomus is not liable for any compensation to customers in a force majeure.