Booking Conditions


Booking terms and conditions for Luomus public attractions

Booking confirmation

The customer will receive an email confirming the booking at the address they provide immediately after making the reservation. However, bookings made through the online form will only be valid once Luomus confirms them. The booking confirmation will be sent via email to the address provided by the client, unless otherwise agreed. Bookings will be confirmed as quickly as possible. If a confirmation cannot be sent to the client before the scheduled time of the guided tour, the booking will be cancelled. Luomus is not liable for any compensation for unconfirmed bookings.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check the receipt and the booking confirmation sent to them to ensure that the information on the tour booking details are accurate. If the customer finds incorrect information in the booking, they must contact the guided tour service of Luomus (opastukset[at] If the booking is changed, the revised booking will only be valid when a new confirmation with the updated information has been sent to the customer.

Group sizes

The guided tours can accommodate a limited number of people, between 20–30 visitors depending on the tour. For larger groups, please book several tours according to the size of the group.

Arriving for the tour

We recommend that you arrive at the tour site at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the tour. If the group arrives late, a shorter tour can be provided with advance warning. 

School, kindergarten and other child groups

The group will be under the responsibility of the teachers/parents throughout the visit (including the tour). The responsible adults will make sure that others on the site will not be disturbed and that the rules of Luomus are followed.

General rules at Luomus public attractions:

  • Do not touch the objects, glass cases, water features or plants, unless there is a specific “Feel free to touch” sign.
  • Move about quietly and be considerate towards other visitors.
  • Do not make unnecessary noise.
  • Avoid using the lift in the Natural History Museum without good reason. We ask that the lift remain available for those who need it.
  • Do not move the objects or plants, or remove the name plates and other signage in the gardens.
  • Do not bring living plants (e.g., potted plants or bouquets of flowers) or soil into the glasshouses to prevent the spread of plant diseases and pests.
  • Do not enter the ponds and do not touch the water, as we cannot guarantee water quality.
  • Always follow instructions given by staff.

Banned items at the Luomus exhibitions and glasshouses:

  • Suitcases
  • Sharp objects (such as scissors or knives)
  • Umbrellas
  • Balloons
  • Any type of food or drink. Snacks are allowed at the picnic area in the Natural History Museum and in the lobby of the Kaisaniemi glasshouses, but no food or drink is allowed in the exhibition facilities or glasshouses proper. Plastic bottles with non-alcoholic drinks may be brought to the glasshouses, but the liquid must not be poured on the plants.
  • Tripods and other photography gear except cameras and phones (unless a photo shoot using tripods has been specifically agreed)

Payment and invoicing

The guided tours and entrance fees can be invoiced, or paid on-site before the tour. Accepted forms of payment include cash, debit card, Visa Electron, Visa and MasterCard. Individual entrance fees can also be paid with the Museum Card, €5 Smartum Exercise and Culture Vouchers, the SmartumVisa card or the SmartumPay mobile app. Entrance fees are charged according to the number of people present.

Contact details required for invoicing are sent via an electronic form when the guided tour is booked, or they can be provided on-site when arriving for the tour. An invoicing charge will be added to the fee. If the customer has a business identity code, this must be indicated in the invoicing details. For electronic invoicing, indicate your EDI code. An address for paper invoicing is required for all types of invoices. We will also accept financial commitment forms (e.g., from a city or municipality) as well as travel agent vouchers, as long as the document includes the necessary invoicing details and the business identity code. 

Cancellation terms

Customer cancellations and reimbursement:

Customers wishing to cancel a reservation must primarily do so via email to opastukset[at] Guided tours may be cancelled up to three week days before the booking date for no charge. Cancellations made two days previously or later will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour fee as well as invoicing charges. For cancellations on the day of the tour, or for uncancelled bookings, the full cost of the tour will be charged along with invoicing charges. The invoice will be sent to the address indicated on the reservation form.

Bookings cancelled by Luomus:

If Luomus is forced to cancel a guided tour, the customer will be offered a free independent visit to the specified attraction. Any additional costs, such as travel costs incurred by the customer, cannot be reimbursed.

Closing a public attraction

Luomus will do its best to communicate any sudden changes in the opening hours of the Luomus attractions to all customers who have made bookings. If the information on the closure of the attraction has not reached the customer within a reasonable time, the customer will receive a guided tour at another time free of charge (within 12 months of the original date) or free entrance for an independent visit to another Luomus attraction that is open during the time of the intended tour. Any additional costs, such as travel costs incurred by the customer, cannot be reimbursed.

Force majeure

In the case of a force majeure that compels Luomus to close a public attraction or reschedule or cancel a guided tour, Luomus reserves the right to not provide a free-of-charge visit or guided tour. Luomus is not liable for any compensation to customers in a force majeure.